First Frost 2018

The First Frost Walk is held at Thompson Park Zoo and Conservancy and celebrates 19+ years of fundraising to support ACR Health’s important work in the North Country.

Since 2000, the First Frost Walk has brought in more than $500,000 in mainstay funding for extensive youth initiatives and has helped position ACR Health as a state leader in youth education. First Frost proceeds are applied to address community-wide challenges of HIV/AIDS, Addiction, Poverty, and LGBTQ equality.

ACR Health’s HIV/AIDS efforts are part of New York’s aggressive blueprint to End AIDS by 2020, which are proving highly successful. Statistics from 2015 show a 79% decrease in new HIV cases in New York over the past 25 years.

I am humbled by the knowledge of all the favorable, life-changing consequences the First Frost Walk has brought to Northern New York. I anticipate the day, not too far off now, when we can declare the End of the AIDS Epidemic in New York.

-Wil Murtaugh, Executive Director of ACR Health